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Voxter VoIP Phone Systems

Our VoIP business phone systems are fully managed, self-hosted or in the cloud and provide superb voice quality.

Plans start at $19/month per phone including free tech support!


Manage your phone system yourself through any web browser with our intuitive interface, from the devices you already love: iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile Smartphone. Don’t let other vendors lock you into long terms costs for an on-site hardware box, our solution can run from the cloud: no hardware maintenance, no upgrade costs, no failed power supplies, no worries.

With our platform, you’ll find a wide range of features and amazing flexibility at a great price. Merge multiple offices, with up to hundreds of users, under one easy-to-use, powerful system. You’ll have all the advanced features you expect: unlimited calling, call conferencing, virtual receptionist, interactive voice response, music on-hold, dynamic caller ID, call recording, call queues and more.

Integrate your mobile device with your Hosted business phone system – ring it in tandem with your desk phone, or use it as your desk phone. Make calls from your mobile as though you are in the office – extend your office to wherever you are. We also offer CRM integration, instant messaging integration, fax-to-email solutions and callcenter management systems.

Our nationwide network enables you to bring all of your staff across North America on to a single system. Our platform is distributed and geographically redundant, so every call takes the best path available at that moment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your support options?

Support is 24/7/365. Email and phone support is free during regular business hours, and you’ll talk to a local support agent, not wait on hold for a foreign one. We also have after hours support available at $150/hour.

Will managing the phone system be challenging for us?

We manage the system for you, so it’s as easy as calling or emailing us to request a change.

What happens to our existing phone numbers?

Easy, we simply port them to us from your current provider. It’s $75 per number including fax numbers. We take care of the paperwork for you.

What about fax numbers?

We can provide fax boxes where faxes simply arrive in email inboxes, either delivered to staff individually if they have DID numbers, or to a receptionist or other person who can check that mailbox and forward them to the correct recipient. For outgoing faxes, you just scan and email the faxes and they arrive on the recipient’s fax machine.

How do I handle holidays or after hours?

We can create a custom schedule where incoming calls are directed to the destination of your choice, for instance a general mailbox, a staff directory, or wherever you’d like.

Do you have 911 service?

Yes. Your site must be registered on the e911 location web page.

What kinds of phones can we use?

Our preferred phones are Mitel Aastra units as well as Polycom for conference phones, though we can adapt and use others. We can even use existing wireless handhelds using a special adapter for the base.

What are your voicemail options?

You can choose to retrieve your voice mails either from your phone or have them emailed to you as a .WAV file. Your voice mail can also be retrieved while on the road away from the office.

Can you handle multiple locations?

Yes, no problem connecting multiple offices in different buildings, cities or provinces.

What happens if the office needs to close in case of an emergency or a snow day?

We can turn anyone’s personal cell phone into the reception phone, and even hide their personal number so that the call display on the other end shows your office number. Alternatively, you can take a phone and plug it into a wired network connection at a hotel room or other location to use temporarily and it will work as if it is in the office (though we can’t guarantee call quality). 

How many lines will we need?

VoIP is superior to the old system of needing “lines”. A single DID can handle multiple simultaneous calls easily, and each staff that has their own DID adds more capability to the total. 

Is unlimited US/Canada long distance calling really unlimited?

In all practicality, yes it is unlimited at 2000 minutes/user/month. And that’s aggregated across the number of users so if you have 20 employees that is 40,000 minutes per month. It only becomes an issue in the case of a call center, and for that type of business we have a special plan we can provide.